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Application 2010

Bella Vista Maps

Future I-49 Corridor Map
Proposed BVB Location Map


Application Appendix

Historical Studies

Kansas City, Missouri To Shreveport, Louisiana Hwy Feasibility Corridor Study
Final Environmental Impact Statement
Design Reassessment for EIS June 2007
Design Reassessment for EIS November 2007
AHTD STIP 07 - 10
BVB Toll Study 2006
BVB Traffic Revenue 2007
MoDot STIP 2010 - 2015    

Authorizing Actions

AHTD Minute Orders
Missouri Amendments
Act 296 of 2003

Environmental Reassessment

Draft Traffic and Revenue report

BVB Traffic and Revenue 2010

Public Involvement

Bella Vista Bypass Citizen Comment Forms

Innovative Strategies

Construction Methods - NCHRP Synthesis 379
Safety Strategies - Safety Surface Strategies
Intelligent Transportation Systems - ITS Details Strategies
Tolling Pricing - Toll Pricing Strategies

Implementation Plan

Short - Term Outcomes

Safety Improvements

Safety Analysis

Long - Term Outcomes

State of Good Repair

Lifecycle Cost
Performance Data


Economic Map 2010


Sustainability Calculations

Benefit Cost Analysis

Benefit Cost Analysis 2010


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Section 1503
Section 1511

Davis Bacon

Lead Agency and Project Partners


Texarkana Metropolitan Planning Organization

Texarkana Metropolitan Planning Organization - TIGER Letter

Previous Applications

MoDot STIP 2009 - 2013
BVB Traffic and Revenue 2009
Benefit Cost Analysis 2009
Economic Map 2009




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