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Bridge Demolition Movie Clips

When a historic bridge is demolished the Historic Bridge Program attempts to document the demolition.  Most of the time the bridges are destroyed by the contractors with backhoes or other construction machines and 35mm photography is used to capture the demolition.  Once in a while it is more advantageous for the contractor to demolish the bridges with explosives, when this happens AHTD will record the demolition using camcorders.  The videos listed below are from some of the historic bridge demolitions that have been recorded by AHTD

White River Bridge

Augusta Bridge (0613) Demolition

Demolition movie clip of Augusta Bridge (0613)

Buffalo River Bridge (00766) Demolition

Demolition movie clip of Buffalo River Bridge (00766).

De Valls Bluff Bridge (01531) Demolition

Demolition movie clip of De Valls Bluff Bridge (01531).








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