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Historic American Engineering Records (HAER) Histories

These documents were produced by the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) section of the Heritage Documentation Program of the National Park Service in coordination with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department.

The HAER program was started in 1969 to document historic sites and structures related to engineering and industry.  It conducts a nationwide documentation program in partnership with state and local governments. The documentation produced by HAER provides a permanent record of the nation's most important historic sites and large-scale objects as well as providing baseline documentation for rehabilitation and restoration; and makes available well-researched materials for historic interpretation and illustration. This documentation is produced in three parts; large-format photography, written history and measured drawings.

This page contains written histories for a number of the State’s historic bridges that were produced by HAER between 1988 and 2007.

Arkansas County

Ashley County

Baxter County
AR-10 North Fork Bridge (00587)
AR-15 Cotter Bridge (00702)

Benton County
AR-28 Illinois River Bridge (Midway Bridge) (10593)
AR-29 Spavinaw Creek Bridge (Gravette-Decatur Bridge) (10604)
AR-30 Osage Creek Bridge (10622)
AR-50 War Eagle Bridge (17807)

Boone County
AR-87 Bear Creek Bridge (Haggard Ford Bridge)

Bradley County

Calhoun County

Carroll County
AR-43 Mulladay Hollow Bridge (20071)
AR-53 Beaver Suspension Bridge (02388)
AR-103 Marble Bridge (Lake Lucerne Bridge) (10955)

Chicot County

Clark County
AR-44 Little Missouri River Bridge (20103)
AR-81 DeGray Creek Bridge (11085)

Clay County

Cleburne County
AR-48 Winkley Bridge

Cleveland County

Columbia County

Conway County
AR-31 Cedar Creek Bridge (11660)
AR-64 Fryer's Ford Bridge (Solgohachia Bridge) (17862)
AR-93 Point Remove Bridge (Cherokee Road Bridge)


Craighead County
AR-18 St. Francis River Bridge (01207)

Crawford County
AR-24 Lee Creek Bridge (01811)
AR-45 Lee Creek Bridge (M2365)
AR-71 Wire Ford Bridge (Silver Bridge) (13091)


Crittenden County

Cross County

Dallas County

Desha County

Drew County

Faulkner County
AR-32 Springfield-DesArc Bridge (13045)

Franklin County

Fulton County

Garland County
AR-27 South Fork Bridge (M3722)
AR-104 Gulpha Gorge Bridges (Nos. 1-4) (M1319-22)

Grant County

Greene County
AR-17 Eight Mile Creek Bridge (00934)
AR-25 Cache River Bridge (01892)

Hempstead County

Hot Springs County
AR-47 Rockport Bridge (M1576)
AR-79 Lake Catherine State Park, Bridge No. 2

Howard County

Independence County
AR-74 Cedar Creek Bridge (Goodie Creek Bridge) (14001)
AR-82 Island Slough Bridge (14014)

Jackson County
AR-12 Newport Bridge (00612)

Jefferson County
AR-78 West James Street Bridge (Redfield Viaduct) (19224)

Johnson County
AR-22 Big Piney Creek Bridge (Fort Douglas Bridge) (01597)

Lafayette County

Lawrence County
AR-26 St. Louis-San Francisco Overpass (Imboden Bridge) (01984)

Lee County

Lincoln County

Little River County

Logan County
AR-73 Buttram Ford Bridge (Third Bridge) (M3349)
AR-75 Cove Creek Tributary Bridge (18116)
AR-83 Cove Lake Spillway (18115)
AR-84 Cove Creek Bridge (18376)

Madison County

Marion County

Miller County
AR-14 Red River Bridge (00614)

Mississippi County

Monroe County
AR-49 Clarendon Bridge (01253)

Montgomery County

Nevada County

Newton County
AR-9 Harp Creek Bridge (00585)
AR-23 Buffalo River Bridge (Pruitt Bridge) (01689)
AR-80 Little Buffalo River Bridge (M2889)


Ouachita County

Perry County
AR-33 Cypress Creek Bridge (15748)
AR-66 Nimrod Bridge (15731)
AR-67 Fourche LaFave River Bridge (01160)

Phillips County

Pike County

Poinsett County

Polk County
AR-34 Mountain Fork Bridge (16149)

Pope County
AR-58 Isabell Creek Bridge (00811)

Prairie County
AR-21 White River Bridge (DeValls Bluff Bridge) (01531)

Pulaski County
AR-6 Lincoln Avenue Viaduct (Cantrell Road Bridge) (M336)
AR-39 Lake No. 1 Bridge (19407)
AR-40 Edgemere Street Bridge (19409)
AR-41 Second Street Bridge (19353)
AR-42 14th Street Bridge (19417)
AR-52 Lakeshore Drive Bridge
AR-72 Waterside Street Bridge

Randolph County
AR-8 Black River Bridge (00483)

St. Francis County
AR-20 St. Francis River Bridge (Madison Bridge) (01391)

Saline County
AR-7 Saline River Bridge (00414)
AR-46 Old River Bridge
AR-77 Tull Bridge (Pryor's Ford Bridge) (M2747)


Scott County

Searcy County
AR-16 Buffalo River Bridge (00766)

Sebastian County
AR-54 Jenny Lind Bridge (16771)
AR-55 Milltown Bridge (16819)

Sevier County
AR-35 Little Cossatot River Bridge (16902)

Sharp County

Stone County

Union County
AR-19 Ouachita River Bridge (01230)

Van Buren County
AR-76 Missouri & North Arkansas Railroad Bridge (20045)
AR-95 South Fork Little Red River Bridge (01486)


Washington County
AR-38 Wyman Bridge (18337)
AR-68 Maple Street Overpass (01940)
AR-69 Baron Fork Bridges
AR-90 Lafayette Street Overpass (01941)
AR-96 Huntsville Road Bridge (Goff Farm Road Bridge) (18668)


White County
AR-51 Judsonia Bridge (17484)

Woodruff County
AR-13 Augusta Bridge (00613)

Yell County
AR-36 Spring Lake Bridge (17715)
AR-37 Achmun Creek Bridge (17743)
AR-70 Ward's Crossing Bridge (17693)
AR-92 Danville Bridge (Mickles Bridge)
AR-94 Harris Creek Bridge (Humpback Road Bridge) (17729)



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