LITTLE ROCK (12-15) 

     The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD), in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration, has completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for Highway 167 between Fordyce and Highway 273 in Dallas County .

     The EA evaluated two alternatives - upgrading the highway entirely along its existing location, and, upgrading the existing highway using a new location section at the southern end of the project, known as Alternative One.  The location alternatives were presented at a Location and Design Public Hearing in Fordyce on October 30, 2008. 

     After consideration of information contained in the EA and comments received at the Public Hearing, the AHTD has determined that upgrading the highway entirely along its existing location is the Preferred Alternative (see map).  This alternative will consist of two different cross sections.  From Highway 79 in Fordyce to just north of County Road 136, the cross-section would consist of four 12-foot wide travel lanes with an 11-foot wide paved median and eight-foot wide shoulders. The cross-section from that point to Highway 273 would consist of four 12-foot wide travel lanes separated by a 60-foot wide depressed median.  The travel lanes would have eight-foot wide outside shoulders and six-foot wide inside shoulders.

     Upgrading the highway on its existing location meets the primary purpose and need of the project by improving safety and the flow of traffic through the area, and will successfully carrying the corridor’s projected traffic volumes for the next twenty years.  This Preferred Alternative received the highest number of supporting comments from the public, has fewer wetland impacts and has the lowest estimated cost.

     After comments from the Location and Design Public Hearing have been addressed, the AHTD will request approval from the Federal Highway Administration in order to proceed with implementation of the proposed Highway 167 improvements between Fordyce and Highway 273.