If you have installed the ActiveCGM ActiveX Control: Open AHTD's Road Conditions Map

ActiveCGM ActiveX Control

In order to display the AHTD Road Condition Map , you will need to be running under the following conditions.

You should be on an Intel-based PC.

You must be running Windows 95, Windows 98, WindowsNT or Windows 2000.

NOTE: The software for viewing the Weather Map, may not function properly on machines running Windows XP with Service Pack 1. There is not a fix available at this time.

You must be using either Netscape Navigator version 4.0 or better, or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or better.

You must Refresh/Reload the map to view the most current data.

Your map will look best if your screen is set up to at least 800x600 pixel resolution or better and True Color.

You may manipulate the map with built in commands and may query for information attached to individual routes.

The following setups only need to be done once before you view your first map.

*Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you are running Internet Explorer, the software will automatically download the necessary module to display the maps. This module is called the ActiveCGM ActiveX control. Check that your security level is set to allow ActiveX controls to be loaded. To do this, click on: View / Internet Options... then select the Security tab and click on the Medium level or less. The high security level will prevent you from downloading the control. Please be patient, as this is a significant amount of data(1.1 MB) and may take 10-15 minutes to download on a modem running at 28.8kb. However, you will only need to do this download once. The module will automatically install itself, and then it should display the map.

ActiveCGM ActiveX Control

Click Here to Open AHTD's Road Conditions Map and Install ActiveCGM ActiveX Control

*Netscape Navigator

If you are running Netscape Navigator, you should download a file containing a Netscape Plugin Module called ActiveCGM InLine. When asked, save this file to a temporary folder. When this download has completed, you should quit out of Netscape Navigator, use Windows Explorer to locate the file (inlineself_v6p10.exe) and double-click on the file. This will automatically start up the setup process and clean up temporary files when complete. After you have finished this, and the installation is completed, you may restart Netscape Navigator, and return to the AHTD web site and view the map. Please note that you may have to enable Activex for the plugin to work.

Route Features

The routes on the map are intelligent features. These features within the map will react to your passing the cursor over them by changing from your normal pointer (usually an arrow pointing up and to the left) to a hand with a pointing finger. They may also change color when the cursor is positioned over them. This tells you that the graphic element has some intelligence built in to it. Hovering over the feature will "activate" it, and provide further information about the route (ie. route number, route description, and related conditions).

*Build in View Manipulations

The viewer module has several capabilities that are not evident in the normal browser user interface.

Right Mouse Button

If you click the right mouse button anywhere inside the map itself, you will be presented with a "pop-up" menu of commands. The standard commands are as follows and are activated by clicking the command with the LEFT mouse button.


Click this command to see all of the graphics that have been downloaded in this particular session.

Zoom Box

Click this command , then drag a box over the area you wish to zoom in to. To drag a box, click and hold down the left mouse button at the top left corner of your desired area, move to the bottom left corner, and release the mouse button.

Zoom in

Click this command to zoom in around the center of the map - a 2X zoom factor

Zoom Out

Click this command to zoom out around the center of the map - a 2X zoom factor


Click this command to create a magnifier window. Then as you move your cursor over the map, a magnified view at your cursor position will be displayed in the magnifier. In Netscape Navigator, click on the "Close" button to remove the magnifier. In Internet Explorer, a single click the right button anywhere will remove it.

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