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Motorists interested in weather related road conditions have the following resources available to them for checking adverse weather conditions on the Arkansas State Highway System. Information on specific highway closures due to construction related activities may be obtained by contacting the District Engineer or the Public Affairs Office at (501) 569-2227. 

(501) 569-2374
(501) 569-2374
Latest recorded information on weather-related road conditions.

Construction and Maintenance Related Lane Closures And Width Restrictions

This interactive map displays active lane closures and width restrictions on major routes within the State. For a listing of lane closures and width restrictions due to construction or maintenance related activities on all highways in Arkansas, as well as pending closures or restrictions, please see the text report.  
A tabular report of routes and conditions (The quickest way to get information). 
Road Closings Latest tabular information on road closings.


The interactive map requires the first time user to download a free CGM Viewer (3 MB - requires approximately 10-15 minutes to download. Click here for instructions

(NOTE: The software for viewing the Weather Map, may not function properly on machines running Windows XP with Service Pack 1. There is not a fix available at this time.)

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department will be issuing “tweets” on incidents that affect traffic statewide.

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