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Sarah Tamayo
Staff Asset Management Engineer
Email: Sarah.Tamayo@ardot.gov

Phone: (501) 569-2073

Mission Statement
The goal of the Asset Management Section Mission is to collect, analyze, manage, report on and disseminate pavement performance data and information for all State-maintained highways

The Asset Management Section is responsible for collecting, processing, analyzing, and reporting pavement performance and inventory data on all routes on the State-maintained highway system.  The State-maintained highway system is comprised of over 16,400 centerline miles of roadway.  Because the Section is responsible for this information, it is also tasked with reporting this data to the federal government due to legislation such as MAP-21 and other FHWA mandates.

Pavement Engineering
The Pavement Engineering subsection is responsible for the collection, processing, analyzing, and reporting of pavement related information.  This includes ride quality, rutting, cracking data, faulting, friction, remaining life, and various other pavement related data items.  The data is collected using a variety of equipment such as an Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN), Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD), Pavement Friction Testers, and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).  Using this data, preservation strategies and project prioritization methodologies are developed.

System Information
The System Information subsection is responsible for the collection, processing, and reporting of  an inventory of statewide roadway assets on the state maintained highway network, as well as city streets and county roads on the Federal Aid system.  This asset data includes information such as centerline mileage, lane miles, roadway widths, surface types, job records, and many other data items. 

The System Information subsection also reports data to the FHWA for inclusion in the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).  The HPMS will provide the pavement performance related data that will be used in determining the overall condition of the routes on the National Highway System (NHS) required by the MAP-21 legislation.

ARDOT Transportation Asset Management Plan




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